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Chema Madoz perfecciona la perfección

Aunque España puede presumir de tener una cantera de fotógrafos de extremadamente alta calidad, hablar de Chema Madoz es como subir a la azotea cuando ya …

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Foggy Forests of Ancient Trees Pruned for Charcoal in Basque Country Photographed by Oskar Zapirain

Oskar Zapirain’s photographs capture eerie forests cast in thick fog, hazy light descending upon the foliage in the same green shade that blankets the floor in moss. Zapirain has been attracted to this landscape for years because of the homogenous light as well as the way it forces the

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Enzo Mari knife inspires twisting sculpture at Goodwood 2015

This year’s installation at the UK’s Goodwood car festival was based on a blade by Modernist designer Enzo Mari

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Concept Kitchen 2025

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Si juntamos IDEO y a IKEA suceden estas cosas.

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Siva Cycle | Bicycle Power Your USB Devices

The Siva Atom means power whenever and wherever you need it, thanks to the removable battery pack. Live untethered with clean electricity from your own two legs.

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STAGE Interactive Shelf – Walnut

The ‘Stage’ Interactive shelf is an elegant meeting place to store all your re-chargeable handheld devices. With enough space to holdup a five-plug power strip.

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Festo – eMotionButterflies (English) – YouTube

With the bionic butterflies, for the first time Festo combines the ultralight construction of artificial insects with collision-free flying behaviour in a co…

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Festo – FlexShapeGripper (English) – YouTube

Gripping modelled on a chameleon’s tongue: by inverting its elastic silicone cap, the FlexShapeGripper can pick up, gather and set back down the widest range…

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Aprendiendo de la Naturaleza

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